Should The Shampoo For Deep Cleaning Of Hair Be Used During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many women are faced with a sudden greasy and dull hair. All this is due to hormones, that beautiful, well-cared hair can turn into a pile of spaghetti, hanging lifeless from the head. What can a woman do so that her hair looks as great as it once was? Firstly, it is recommended that during the pregnancy avoid conditioners that are not washed because they are difficult for the hair and they are pulling her down and because of that hair looks lifeless. It also recommends avoiding products that contain silicones, oils or lanolin, and heavy hair gels and pomades. If you are using heavy foam and hair gel, once a month, treat yourself to a deep cleansing with a special shampoo. Shampoo for deep cleaning will remove any buildup of product for styling and your hair will look fluttery than ever. But,before buying one you can always read a Best Clarifying Shampoo Guide for more information.


 How to use it during pregnancy?

Shampoo for deep cleaning hair may be used, but in moderately. For starters, take a little of the product and massage into the scalp for a minute, and then rinse your hair. Maybe the first time you will not notice the foam of shampoo, but that does not mean that it does not work. After a good rinse, take back a small amount of shampoo and massage the shampoo into the hair. You should notice this time the foam of shampoo. When you do that, feel free to leave the shampoo on your hair, and for that time you can shave your legs and do body peeling. In fact, leaving the shampoo on the hair helps the hair to release all the accumulated product styling. In case your hair is very oily and needs really deep cleaning, feel free to repeat this step. Rinse very well and put your usual moisturizing conditioner. Since this kind of shampoo can severely dry out your hair, put a little larger amount of your usual conditioner. You will see effects immediately. Your hair will be shinier, softer and fluffier.


How do this shampoos work?

Shampoos for deep cleaning act to remove the remains of other products, but they do not nurture it, and are therefore on a bad reputation. They do not have the ingredients, such as caring oil, which would be glued against the hair and in that way nurture her. If you overdo with the use of shampoos, it can dry out your hair. But keep in mind that they are not designed to nourish your hair, but to help to get rid of accumulated hair styling products that are pulling it down and because of them the hair look greasy and lifeless. After the first use of this shampoo, you will see how conditioners and masks give better results, and if you’re doing a chemical hair treatment, you will see better adherence to treatment if you have previously deep clean the hair. If you are coloring your hair, do not immediately after staining using such heavy shampoo, because it will just fade your color. If you swim in the pool, you can again use this shampoo because it will help wash the chlorine, which can damage the hair. During the pregnancy you may use this shampoo, especially if you are using heavy foam and hair gel. The key is to use them very sparingly, once a month will do. Experts believe that these shampoos are a great addition to hair care because they provide real and immediate visible results. Hair will be instantly softer, shinier and fluffier.

How To Help Baby Growing Teeth

I have had my first kid, my baby, a year ago. After first fears, panic and confusion, i have become a real mother as any baby deserves. Five months after successfully adopting to a new way of life, new challenges were there to confront with. My little baby had grown her first teeth. I have  decided to help  all the young and inexperienced mothers regarding newborn teeth growing with advice in teeth grow order, all the changes that are happening and how to help and nurture your baby in the best possible way.


By going through different literature, I’ve learned that teeth start growing between fifth and eight month of life, starting with central lower incisors and following with upper central incisors, then lateral incisors.

First of all, you need a good mental preparation. I had to get used to a fact that my baby suddenly has a low appetite, that it is cranky and crying all the time. This was one of the most frustrating and stressful periods, which i overcame with steadiness and calmness. There were no room for panic.

Be aware that, if there is high temperature, or baby is very intensively crying for a long time, to visit a doctor and exclude possible complications.

Don’t worry if rash appears on the baby’s face (around lips). That is a normal thing due to increased work of salivary glands. I have applied a balm on the infected area to keep skin moist high and spreading of rash at minimum.

Soon enough, my baby started chewing at my fingers. I’ve red that baby needs something to chew on, something hard and cold. I have purchased gummy toys which I cooled down in the cooler. There are a variety of yogurts , cool drinks and special crisps  that are helping as well. Be aware not to freeze the chewing toys in order to prevent sticking to the baby’s gums and damaging them. So keep it cool, but not frozen.

chewing toy

I gave her Camille tea (or Sage tea) gum massage to allay the inflammation. I have used a soft stick, first soaked in tea, and then gently applying on the gums.

In all my will to help my baby, i had given her toes massage since there are dental reflexology points (nerve endings).

These methods which i tried by myself and they have worked for me. I hope my advice are gonna be useful for you and your babies as they were for me.

In case none of these are doing the thing, i recommend visiting pediatric who will then advice you further in using other medical preparations to alloy pain and accelerate your baby’s teeth grow.