Hi! I’m Stacie, author of this site for new mommies. I am a wife and mother of 4 children (twin boys age 6, girl age 3, boy age 2). I always knew I’d be a mom someday. I just had no idea how much hard work it would take. When I was a new mommy, I started out with not one, but two babies. It was an overwhelming experience. I felt so inadequate. Worst of all, I struggled to enjoy those early months inspite of the challenges

I am passionate about new moms and motherhood in general. I love to come alongside a new mommy and help her through the rough transition of figuring out what life is like as a mother.

Going from survival mode to thriving as a new mom is a difficult transition. The reality is that many moms never make the switch. They simply look forward to the next stage, expecting motherhood to get easier. My desire in creating this site is to give you some much needed support and encouragement as you begin this journey. Mothering can be an extremely rewarding and joy-filled experience despite the frustrations involved (and sometimes because of them).

My deepest desire with New Mommy Help is for you to feel encouraged and inspired to joyfully embrace motherhood.

What you can expect to find on this site:

  • inspiration and encouragement when you are having a bad day, week, or month
  • product reviews and suggestions relevant to a family with a new baby
  • practical tips
  • parenting advice

email me or leave a comment when you have time to look around a bit. It is my pleasure to respond to each email personally.