Originally published March 25, 2009, this is still one of the posts I hold dearest to my heart. Most of you haven’t seen it because you haven’t been around that long. Welcome to New Mommy Help. Put your feet up and experience the beauty of your child’s relationship with his or her daddy. I was […]

This post was originally written March 15, 2009. At even a few months old, I’m sure most of you have not read it. I think it’s important, so I’m putting it in front today. Having a baby is arguably one the most stressful life events. This wonderful, awe-inspiring change brings with it heightened emotions, hormones […]

This is a guest post from my dear husband, Todd. I asked him to give us moms some advice on how to honor dads. This was his simple, yet thoughtful response. In honor of Father’s Day, Stacie let me  share a few thoughts from the Dad’s perspective that might help you out. #1 Don’t be […]

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Are you struggling with how to get your toddler to eat healthy foods? As your baby starts talking and eating table food, there ensues a power struggle like no other. You have had the pleasure of feeding her what you want to feed her for months. Now, she has decided to rebel against all of […]


If you have searched the internet for breastfeeding products, you know the list is overwhelming. We live in a society where our accessories have accessories. So, which breastfeeding products are the most important? Actually, all you need are breasts, but there are some conveniences that I would not easily give up. Now that I have […]