Five Reasons To Read To Your Baby


One of my favorite things about being a mom is reading to my children. There is something inspiring about reading to children. They are so open and ready to take in the story. I love showing my baby colorful pictures and seeing  his eyes light up when he recognizes a dog. I love reading to my 3-year-old daughter at bedtime and  listening as she tries to read to me. I love reading chapter books to my big boys because they can hardly wait for the next installment. Most of all, I love snuggling up around a good book with my kids.

When should we begin reading to our children? And why?

We should read to babies from the very beginning. There are so many benefits of reading to children that I could not possibly list them all. So, let me share the top five benefits in my book (pun intended of course:).

Reading to children:

1. Promotes listening skills

2. Is calming to children of all ages

3. Promotes bonding

4. Instills a desire to read

5. Gives us guaranteed snuggle time, even with our wiggly ones

Here are a few of my favorite books for babies:

Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)

Goodnight Moon

I Love You Through And Through

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