How to Have a More Content Baby

Sleep Like A Baby

Are you struggling to keep your little one content? Ever notice that there are certain times of the day when your baby seems to be inconsolable? Can’t get your baby to take a nap? Are you losing confidence in your abilities to soothe your baby when she’s crying? When you don’t know what to do, try this:

1. Daily routine. Notice I did not say schedule. A daily routine exists when you do the same things in the same order with as much consistency as possible. Your baby will appreciate knowing what comes next in her day, even if it’s not at the same time.

2. A relaxed mommy. If this is your first baby, relax! Babies know their mothers well. If you are stressed out, he will mimic your stress by being fussy. Find ways to relax: deep breathing exercises, stretches, calm music, and take a nap while your baby is sleeping. You have heard it before. Now try it for once.

3. Give baby a bath. A warm bath is usually comforting to any child, especially babies. It may be just the comfort she needs.

4. Naps are non-negotiable. Babies need rest. Ask your pediatrician how much sleep is normal for the age of your child.

5. Make sure your little one is getting enough to eat. This goes back to #1. We don’t eat on schedules and most babies don’t either. Hunger is not on a timer. If you’ve tried everything else to calm him, give him some food.

6. Go outside. A change of atmosphere may get your baby’s attention and be a calming influence.

7. Finally, when you feel your own emotions rising and you think you’re about to lose it…put the baby down. Step away from the crib. If you’ve done everything you know to do to help your baby calm down and it isn’t working, take a break. Seriously. It may be what she needs and if not, you can start over after 5 to 10 minutes.

These tips are not a guarantee. I wish they were. If none of these suggestions work, don’t lose hope. You are not a failure at being a mommy. Contact your pediatrician if you suspect something serious. Have a specific question or want to share something that works for your baby? Leave a comment below.

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