Learning To Sneak Healthy Ingredients Into Family Meals


We’ve been very fortunate to have kids who eat well. But we do have trouble introducing new foods now that our kids are older. We insist that they at least try a food before rejecting it, but now I have a new weapon. I’m learning how to sneak healthy ingredients into foods that my family already likes. We’ve had brownies with spinach, blueberries, oat bran, and wheat germ. This morning we had breakfast cookies with ricotta cheese, wheat germ, and whole grain cereal. We were all very impressed. Of course I didn’t tell the kids what was in it–not until they are old enough to handle the truth. And I didn’t tell my husband until he had tasted the food first:).

If your baby is at least one year old (because I assume you have introduced a variety of solid foods by this age) and has no known allergies, you may want to try some of the recipes in The Sneaky Chef books. I know many of you fellow mommies will enjoy being sneaky too. Let me know if you try some sneaky recipes.

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