Six Ways To Soothe Teething Pain

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You may be familiar with the following signs of teething: irritability, drooling, sleeplessness, biting or chewing on everything, low-grade fever, diarrhea, ear pulling. We feel so helpless when our babies are in pain, but be careful about turning to medication too soon. There are many others ways to soothe sore gums without medicine.

first tooth!
Image by Ben McLeod via Flickr

Try some of these medicine-free teething solutions:

  1. Frozen Wash Cloth: Wet a clean wash cloth and freeze it. Then, let your baby chew on it to soothe sore gums.
  2. Chilled Food:  Try serving yogurt, chilled diced fruit (peaches, apples, bananas, etc.).
  3. Cold Water: Give your little one a sippy with ice water throughout the day. It will help replace some of the fluid loss of drooling and loose stools as well as provide more comfort on her mouth.
  4. Chilled Teethers: Simply keep a few teethers in the refrigerator. Take them out when needed. Be sure to wash them thoroughly before placing them back in the refrigerator.
  5. Teething Tablets: We have used teething tablets with our children at times. They seemed to help, especially with sleeping at night.
  6. Extra Attention: No matter what solution you try, your baby will likely still need extra “mommy love” during teething. Let a few things go and rock your baby, read to him, sing to him. That may be just what he needs.

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