Ten Things Not To Buy For a New Baby


Our excitement over baby gear can make us a little crazy. Unfortunately, new parents are a great target for advertising. We want our new little one to have the best, safest, most fashionable things. The truth is that babies do not need very much. Here are 10 things to avoid:

  1. Fancy Crib Bedding. Out of considerations for safety, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises “Remove pillows, pillow-like bumper pads, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed toys, and other soft products from the crib.” Decorating a nursery is one of the most fun parts of expecting a new baby. You don’t have to compromise. Just prioritize. Focus on a quality crib mattress and sheets. You can use a comforter or quilt as a wall hanging and find other accessories, like a crib skirt, to match.
  2. Scratchy or uncomfortable clothes. Make sure you think “comfort” when picking out clothes for your baby. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for it or how stylish it is. A newborn is used to being naked inside the warmth and safety of his mother’s womb. Avoid tight elastic at wrists or ankles. Avoid synthetic fibers. Basic cotton that is soft to the touch will feel great on sensitive newborn skin.
  3. Changing Table. We had a changing table with our twins. I used it less than 10% of the time. I found it more convenient to have a basket of diapering essentials in the living room. It is a better investment to purchase a dresser that can be used, temporarily, as a changing table. This is what a friend did when her first baby was born. She secured a changing pad onto the dresser and used it until it was no longer necessary.
  4. Elastic Headbands. You may disagree with me on this one, but I’m going to say it anyway. Any accessory that leaves an imprint on a baby’s head (for the sake of fashion) is not okay. You can dress your princess in pink to let everyone know she’s a girl. Or, find a more comfortable option–there must be someone out there who has made a safe and comfortable headband.
  5. Wipes Warmer. I have owned one myself with baby number two. I rarely used it because I didn’t change her in the room where the warmer was! Besides, it dried out the wipes. After four babies, I can honestly say a wipes warmer is not necessary.
  6. Baby Detergent. Many of the name brand detergents have perfumes, dyes, and chemicals. Even recommended baby detergents. I want to challenge you to use detergent that is healthy for your whole family, not just baby. My pick these days is soap nuts. I use it for all of our laundry and it’s cheaper than what I used to buy.
  7. Baby Walker. Occupational, physical therapists, and pediatricians alike say this one is a no-no. You may think it’s great for your baby to get some exercise and mobility. The catch is that walkers hinder the natural development of babies and they are associated with thousands of injuries each year in the U. S. alone. To read more check out this article.
  8. DVDs. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children under the age of 2 should not watch TV. If you want to entertain your baby, why not choose some classical music? I’m not saying it will make her smarter, just that music is a better option than TV.
  9. Video Monitor. Sound monitors work great. Save yourself $100-$300.
  10. Stiff Walking Shoes. Experts used to encourage stiff shoes to support a baby’s ankles. Now, the recommendation is to let babies learn to walk on bare feet. It is good exercise and the best way for babies to learn to balance their weight. Try soft-soled baby shoes for warmth and protection when needed.

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