The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Breastfeeding: How to Do It!

Most women who want to breastfeed do not understand that, although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally to mom and baby. So if you are committed to nursing your baby, here are some tips on how to be prepared:

  • Take a breastfeeding class. Find out if your local hospital offers classes for new parents. Most hospitals offer this service and it can be quite affordable. I strongly encourage you to bring along the new daddy-to-be. He plays a key role in encouraging or discouraging you as you begin nursing your baby. It’s important for him to be on board and have a basic understanding of what breastfeeding is all about.
  • Read a great book. I’ve bought many books about breastfeeding and only one was truly informing and helpful when I ran into problems. If you are going to get any book, get this one! The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers: The Most Comprehensive Problem-Solving Guide to Breastfeeding by Jack Newman.
  • Get a few essential items to make life easier when baby arrives. You’ll need nursing bras at the very least. Check out these recommended products.
  • Look for resources available online. There is so much available online that the results can be overwhelming. You may find a short, practical guide will be the best investment for you and your baby. Click Here to download The Happy Breastfeeder ebook.

breastfeeding tips that work

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