Turn Your Digital Pictures into Christmas Treasures


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I got my first digital camera Christmas 2002, the year our twins were born. These were our first two babies and we had only begun to understand the meaning of pictures. I quickly learned how to take advantage of those “Kodak moments”.  Here are three ways you can turn your family pictures into Christmas treasures using Shutterfly.com (my favorite).

1. Photo Cards. We always send photo cards at Christmas. Here is one of my favorite new designs this year. With four children, we rarely get a good shot of all of them facing the camera, so multiple photos is a must for our card. I love the colors on this design!

2. Photo Calendar. This is the best gift for grandparents. They will love seeing your little ones on their wall each month. You can follow along with the seasons from the previous year to give them a special memory. I make one for my parents every year and get a copy for our house too.

3. Photobooks make another great gift for grandparents. My in-laws spent a long weekend with our kids a few years ago while my husband and I were out of town. As a gift to them, I made them a memory book from the pictures my father-in-law took. We got an extra copy for our kids so they can remember all the fun they had with Nana & Gramps too.

Take a few minutes to look around Shutterfly and I’m sure you’ll find some great gift ideas for Christmas. Membership is free and they will send you special sales if you get on their mailing list too.

By the way, if you have a blog, don’t miss your chance to get 50 FREE photo cards at Shutterfly by promoting your favorite products.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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